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How We Can Help

We are a registered charity that has given refuge and support to thousands of women since 1976.

Thre is always someone ready to talk to you with practical advice and support day and night on:

Nottingham (0115) 925 7647

Admissions can be made to the refuge at any time.  If we are unable to admit you we can always suggest other agencies to contact.  Our refuge is a pleasant and secure home where women and children can be helped to cope and recover from the trauma of family breakdown associated with violence or abuse.  We can accept up to seven families at any time.  Each family has a private family room and the refuge is never overcrowded.

Midlands Women's Aid workers will not tell you what decisions to make or what to do with your life.  Instead our workers will:

  • support you and work with you to help you feel in control of your own life and your own decisions
  • we have a lot of experience and information which we will use to help you find the right path for you
  • if we can't answer all of your questions or provide you with all the help and support you need, then we will know other agencies that can

Living in a violent relationship destroys confidence
and self respect.

Violent parents leave a legacy of violence to their children.

If you are experiencing Domestic Violence,
it is not just your problem.